Our school is a place where students can enter the world of the sculpture. We are using traditional systems of teaching where students study in depth the human figure. We teach all steps in the process of  making  classical sculpture.

The ways a figure or a portrait is built begins with a careful examination of anatomy.

Bone structure is what gives character to a model. Anatomy is fundamental in our school. When the bones are placed in the right places, only then do we start with building musculature, fat tissues, ears,  eyes and finaly the texture of the skin and hair.

As a base for our study, we study in depth specific parts of the figure, and make reproductions of plaster skulls, ears, eye, nose, hands and feet. Once the clay portrait or a human figure is finished we fire the clay and the result is a ceramic sculpture. If the student wants to continue and learn how to prepare a plaster cast or a wax cast that can be sent to a foundry for casting as a bronze sculpture we continue to teach the other processes.



We teach the making of waste molds for plaster cast and also silicon molds for casting in other materials. The final finishing of the work is done with different kinds of patinas and finishes. We avoid using toxic materials in our studio, the ones we choose to use are ones that are not dangerous to human health. No toxic resins, fiberglass, toxic pigments or patinas.  We value the health of our students and models. Our goal is to bring our students to a level where they can apply their knowledge to making their own art, creating their own recognizable style and artistic language of expression.