Penko Platikanov is a sculptor creating abstract and figurative art.  His preferred material is bronze but he also works with wood, stone, iron and materials like aqua resin and hydro stone.
Penko started his formal art education at the age of 14. He was accepted to study in the School of Fine Arts in town of Tryavna, Bulgaria. There he spent five years, studying drawing, sculpting, art history and woodcarving.  From 1993 to 1999 he studied in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria where he earned his MA in Fine Arts and Sculpture.  During the five and a half years in the Academy he was in the class of Professor Emil Popov.
During the years in the Academy Penko discover the beauty and power of bronze sculpture. Since then bronze became his favorite material.  He not only was casting his works in metal but also learned the whole technological process on a professional level, from making molds to applying patina. During his studies and later in his career Penko Platikanov participated in a number of exhibitions.  His sculptures are in private collections in Bulgaria, USA, Belgium and Italy. 
As a classically trained sculptor he worked on a number of commercial sculptural projects – sculpture restoration, relief, decorative sculpting panels, ornaments, rosettes, altar walls and capitals for interiors in churches, theaters and commercial buildings.

His work could be seen at: 
Venetian Casino, Makao, China
Anshe Emeth Synagogue, NJ
Sacret Heart Monastery, Chicago, IL
Grand Opera House Theater, Meridian, MS 
Seanger Theatre, Mobile, Al 
Visitation Church, Kansas City, KZ
Grand Overland Train Station, Topeka, KZ 
Currently he lives in New York City where as a scenic artist and sculptor works for movie productions. He’s been was working on movies like “Salt”, “Sex and the city 2”, “The Tempest”, “Arthur”, “Sherlock Holms”,”MIB3” and others.


2007                     Richard J. Daley Center, Group Exhibition, Chicago, IL
2005                     Curb Group for Arts, One man Exhibition, New York, NY
2003                     Embassy of the USA, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
2002                     Shipka 6 Gallery, National Group Exhibition - Sculpture, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001                     Gallery Alexander, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001                     Shipka 6 Gallery, National Group Exhibition - Sculpture, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999                     Krida art, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999                     Gallery Expansion, One man Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
1998                     Gallery Gaya, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
1998                     Shipka 6 Gallery,Drawings and Plastic Arts,Sofia, Bulgaria
1998                    Shipka 6 Gallery,Anniversary of the Bulgarian Olympic Games, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997                     Shipka 6 Gallery, National Group Exhibition - Sculpture, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997                     Gallery Sezony, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria



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